Thursday, July 2, 2015

Top 10 Foods Every Runner Should Eat

Have you ever thought what are the best foods to have enough energy when running?

What are the most efficient foods for a faster recovery?

I think THESE are the answers to your questions:

1. Wild salmon
Is a food with a fantastic taste, and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your heart, because it makes your blood vessels more elastic. It also has strong benefits for the nervous system.

2. Cherries
"One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste." -- Goethe.

I think everybody loves the spectacular taste of cherries. But did you know, of all fruits, cherries are the ones with the HIGHEST level of antioxidants? A real wonder of nature. They're rich in anthocyanins, a very special type of antioxidants, according to

Studies have shown that cherries have the ability to significantly reduce the strength loss and muscle soreness, in a test that was conceived especially for muscle damage.

3. Kale 
It belongs to the cabbage-family, and it's a phenomenal source of vitamins A, B6, C and K, iron and calcium. Is also high in antioxidants.

Is also a GREAT SOLUTION against inflammation, caused by exercise-induced muscle damage. This can become a chronic problem, according to

4. Skim Milk
How could we forget about skim milk? This sensational drink is packed with fast-acting carbohydrates and proteins. And it has mind-blowing effects when it comes about recovery. Many scientists recommend you to drink skim milk after exercise.

5. Bananas
I know. You love bananas. Yep. Me too. The thing is that, besides having a BREATHTAKING taste, they're also a great source of carbs and potassium, whch is lost through sweat when exercising. Nutritionists recommend this food before workout.

6. Soy
This is a real superfood. You can consume it as tofu, soy milk. Is an amazing source of proteins. If you want to stay away from cholesterol and osteoporosis, eat as much soy as possible.

A recent study has shown that not only it can improve muscle recovery as post-workout food, but it's also great for muscle growth. 

7. Oatmeal
According to nutritionists, carbs should be the source of 60% of the daily calories for runners, because it helps you improve workout performance. Every breakfast, should contain a portion of old-fashioned oatmeal. Just 1/2 cup of oat meal packs 27 grams of carbohydrate. Oatmeal is also a great source of fiber and is low-glycemic. Which means you'll have a TON of energy throughout the day.

8. Green Tea
I love green tea. Don't you? It's very rich in some antioxidants, called catechins. According to Japanese studies, it has the ability to improve endurance in case of mice.

Another study of University of Birmingham, has shown that acute supplementation with green tea can improve weight loss by 17%.

Other research has proved that green tea reduces the damage to muscle tissue when working out. The caffeine is also a fabulous advantage for runners. It stimulates the nervous system and decreasing the perceived effort.

9. Tomatoes
Yes. I know, tomatoes are famous for the high content of lycopene. But is also a remarkable source of minerals and vitamins, even vitamin B6, which is essential for runners. Just a cup of tomatoes packs only 27 calories, which is nothing.

10. Whole-Wheat Pasta
As I said earlier, carbs are essential for energy. And these goodies are very high in carbohydrates.

Whole-wheat pasta are fantastic as a pre-workout food.

What do you think? What food you believe I forgot mentioning in this list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.